Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

What makes a Saige happy? The answer to that is anything that simplifies my life and cuts out any annoying crap.

A little over a year ago I purchased a brand new, shiny satellite radio from BB and had it installed... or at least that was what I thought was going to happen. I picked up my car from the install bay to find this:

Talk about jerry-rigging! Check out the three cords coming out of my dash vents, as well as the one to the side of the stereo. I kind of knew that was what I was going to get, but what I really didn't expect was that when the temps outside warmed up my car on the inside, what I would get is this:

Oh yeah, that's right. My satellite radio had been "stuck" to my dash with a sticker. The installation guy had said that he was sure his installation was good and that it would stick on there. Ha! Moron! So for the past year+ I have been fighting with sticking this thing back to my dash upon entering my car every single time, only to have it fall off after I have exited the car. The past few weeks the connections have started to come loose due to the inability to stay stuck, causing the sound from the right speakers to be non-existent.

I finally decided I had had enough. It was time to buy an in-dash stereo that came complete with the satellite in it, as well as get a stereo with a working CD player (since my CD player called it quits shortly after the satellite was installed [I guess it felt a little butt-hurt]).

Today I had this little ditty installed.

Now don't get all excited and think it is anything worth stealing, because it isn't. Its pretty much bottom of the line, but it fits the bill perfectly. The sad thing is, the installation on this unit cost more than it did just because I had to pay for the installation of the unit as well as the installation of the satellite upgrade kit. I am pretty happy with my decision though because as you can see, I no longer have three lines streaming out of my dash vents to deliver power to a device that is no longer temporarily stuck to my dash. The sticker that seems to be an ugly reminder of the fight I have fought over the past year will be gone in the next few days. Thank you to the makers of!

Turn up that satellite radio baby!

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Potters said...

Nice setup. This one looks a lot better than the old one. I hope it makes all your wildest dreams come true. :)