Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello? Hello? Hello?

The title of this post is supposed to represent the echo in a canyon because that is how I feel when it comes to updating my blogs lately. I kind of feel like my work blocking blogger might have been just what the doctor ordered for now. Like another one of my good bloggy friends, blogging has added a lot of stress to my life the past few months. I follow 85 blogs (EIGHTY-FIVE blogs people!) between the two of mine, and I post updates on both of mine regularly. It is a major part of my life, but as with all things in life, sometimes I just need a break for a bit. Some space, if you will.

On top of that, I think my mojo took a break. I'm not sure what happened, but ever since the day after my appointment at the May.o Clinic, I have felt really down. I haven't talked to anyone about it except one of my best friends. As always, I try to hide it and put on my happy face. I think I might be going through a serious emotional withdrawal still. I mean, for 2 months my life was in a crazy tail spin with all of this uterine rupture jazz, and let's face it, that roller coaster ride took me up to the clouds, sent me crashing down through the ground, spun me around in circles until I wanted to puke, and then repeated the whole process multiple times. Its no wonder I just want to be zen for a while!

I went from caring about EVERYTHING to caring about precious little outside of the people in my world (blog friends included, of course). I just don't have it in me to care about very much right now. Just ask my good friends and DH. I don't think they have ever seen me so apathetic about anything and everything. Whatever.

I have granted myself the grace to do what feels good in the moment. Thanks to Ross, what feels good this past week is just plain being out of the house. I have taken his advice and run with it. So why am I adding pounds to my frame when I'm being active? I know, I know, muscle weighs more than fat. Whatever.

As for those of you who asked if Ross does readings over the phone, I am sorry to say he normally doesn't. During our session last week he told me the only reason he felt comfortable doing them over the phone for me is because he knows me so well. I seriously considered asking him if he would try them over the phone for any of you who are interested until I remembered he said that during my las reading. I might still ask him anyway.

My surgery is next Friday, and then I will be off work for 3-6 weeks. During that time I will be doing TONS of blog reading and commenting. Please be patient with me until then. I have given myself the grace to back off of feeling like I need to do everything in the meantime. I miss you gals. I'll be back. Just let this rubber band stretch away for a bit, and then I'll snap back tight as ever. :)


Mrs Bee said...

We will still be here honey!

Sending you lots and lots of love,

you have my email if you need to chat!


S.I.F. said...

My work blocked blogger too! And it has seriously stressed me out!!

You take all the time you need lady! Sometimes we just have to work our way out of that funk...

Beckie's Infertile said...

Take all the time you need! Sometimes a break is all we need to re set our minds!

Thinking of you!

Fran said...

Thinking of you sweetie! Don't worry about the reading or commenting, we know you are thinking of us!! Much love and I have everything crossed for friday, it will go well. Fran

Leah said...

I've missed you but am happy you are taking time for yourself. Blogging does take up a lot of time, doesn't it?

I can't believe your surgery is already next week! Wow!

Heather said...

I'm very glad to hear from you. I lost my mojo too. I can't find it anywhere.

Will be thinking and praying for you. We'll catch up when you're feeling loopy from Percocet! :)

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Glad to hear from you!! I totally understand you taking this bit of time, and look forward to you 'snapping back'!

Potters said...

Some blessings come in the weirdest ways. I am glad you are able to take a break and relax on blogging. I hope to at least have you post how surgery goes.