Sunday, August 29, 2010


Am I a boring blogger lately? I can't help but notice I get traffic to the blog, but no one leaves comments anymore. I have to be honest and say it makes me a bit sad. I mentioned it to my friend J last week and said maybe it is time to shut this blog down. Then I got to thinking about it, and my next statement to her was that this blog isn't about getting comments. Its about me being able to write out my thoughts and feelings that I don't feel I can express on my primary blog. Admittedly, I do post things on this blog that I would post on the primary one, I just feel like I need to do fun things on this one every now and then too. So whether or not this blog gets 5 hits or 50 million hits a day, no comments or a hundred comments, it is going to stay because I need this blog to help me heal.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I wanted to let you all know that I am officially in my first TWW for the first time in over two years. I am really excited and I feel really good about things. I feel positive, and am praying that my positivity is because my intuition is right. I won't know until the end of the week at the earliest. I just hope and pray there is a little embie making its way down the fallopian tube right now.

Things on the antidepressant front are going well too. I moved my dose back up to 30mg a week and a half ago and have leveled off nicely. I am back to where I was on the 40mg dose. I am every bit as happy and content with no mood swings, depression, or other weirdness. I do get a little dizzy from time to time, which is normal and is about the only symptom I have had since I boosted the dose back up. I will try stepping down to 20 this week and see how things go. I am sure I will have to re-equilibriate on that dose, but I know now what to expect and about how long it should last. I am confident that I will be able to be off the meds within the next 6 or so weeks.

Well, its late and I am really sleepy, so I'm off to bed. Night ya'll!


S.I.F. said...

I just have to say - Woo Hoo for the 2ww!

And you couldn't be boring if you tried! ;)

Fran said...

Wooohoo for the first 2ww! That's really exciting!! Will you be testing early?

On the commenting you also have to consider that it's summertime and some people may check blogs from phones and don't manage to comment. i have also noticed that for some weird reason, my sidebar with all the blogs doesn't always update so I actually don't always know if there is a new post on the blogs I follow. Anyway, I'm glad you won't shut this down, I couldn't have survived without your support and braiding of the dogs!!! Remember I have the anatomy scan next week so do not abandon me!
Much love, Fran

Leah said...

Happy 2 week wait! This must be a great feeling, and I also hope your intuition is right. :)

Saige said...

That's a good point Fran. Really, I feel quite silly that it bothered me for even a second. Normally I don't care if I don't get comments. It is just nice to feel justified by my posts and cared about. I know I am always cared about. And even if I did ever close this blog down, I would just send everyone to the primary blog. :)

Thanks for being so sweet.


Jill said...

Not boring! I have been good about reading but lazy about commenting on any blogs because I have so little time anymore. And I feel the same, I hardly get any comments anymore either. But I've been following your other blog too so I knew about the TWW and I'm very excited for you! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I have had the same thoughts on the commenting & visitors too. I felt so silly thinking about it and had the same realization that I didn't want to give up "my place" for my thoughts. It's so easy to get caught up in the statistics and where we stand. I have been a terrible blogger lately and have so missed reading your blogs - you are NEVER boring! I can't wait to get myself back on a schedule so I can get back to my enjoyment of blogging. Love you girl, congrats on your 2ww, I have been praying for you & will keep it up!

Life Happens said...

I'm glad you're not shutting this blog down. There are many of us out there who love to read what you write.

I am super excited about your first TWW! Yay! Can't wait until the update.

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your two-week wait! How exciting! I'm praying and hoping for a BFP for you! I'm also glad to hear that things are going well for you as you're gradually getting off of your antidepressants. I'm so glad that you're not shutting this blog down, I always find it to be very interesting. You are a very good writer and your writing style is very engaging .... I love reading your blog!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hi darling,
You are not a boring blogger! I love coming here, it's just that I get behind sometimes, what with everything! Keep this space for as long as you need! Congrats on being in the 2ww.

mckala7 said...

well i hate to say this... but here goes... i'd leave more comments if i didn't talk to you all day and most of the time i find out what's going to be posted on the blogs before it gets here. so u already have my comments. but if you need to feel loved i will share the love... or try to. LOVE U! ((((hugs))))