Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Upsizing and Loving It

No, I'm not talking about my waistline, although with my impending AF visit this weekend, my waistline has felt the need to upsize, much to my extreme dismay and upset. What I'm really talking about my preparations for a bigger family.

Over the past weekend I took the Munchkin to get some new sandals. We still have about a billion more days left of summer here in Texas, and she just outgrew her two existing pairs. Believe it or not, even though summer is ENDLESS in Texas, people quit carrying sandals already. This didn't bother me one bit though because I knew exactly where to find some, and I knew they would be on sale. I was right. Not only were they on sale, they were buy one get one half off, which meant I basically got the Munchkin a free pair of sandals when I also decided to buy myself a new, larger (e.g., mom) purse.

I didn't used to be a purse gal. In fact, when I met my husband I kept my keys, wallet, and chapstick in my pocket. He somehow convinced me that keeping all of those things in my pockets wasn't "hot", so I finally broke down and bought a purse. I've had them ever since. The caveat there is that I refused to carry anything bigger than a small purse. As in, just big enough to carry my phone, wallet, keys, a tube of chapstick, and a pack of tissues. However, I recently came to the conclusion that I should carry a bigger purse if for no other reason than that I could carry snacks for my daughter in it to help prevent hunger meltdowns.

So while I was buying toddler sandals, I bought the next purse size up from my current model. It still isn't a large purse, but it is a medium sized one. When I got home, it was sickening how much I enjoyed all of the space and compartments it had. I can fit a diaper, a pack of wipes, 3 disposable bibs, and a bunch of disposable color-on placements for the Munchkin in one pocket! Not only that, but its a side pocket! My husband laughed as I happily stuffed things in there that I had never been able to fit in my old purse. I was so excited as I shoved a baggie of cereal in there, knowing it wouldn't get squished in the cavernous middle pocket. I kept saying over and over that I loved being a mom.

Then I hit him with, "I've got the mom purse, now I need the mom car." :D

A couple of weekends ago we went looking at bigger vehicles. We'll get one when we're close to having our second child, but we wanted to see what was available before then so we could get an idea not only of what we wanted, but the price of the vehicle. The thing I love about cars now is I can walk into a dealership and say, "I want a vehicle that seats 7-8 people, but that isn't a minivan," and they take me to a crossover that does just that.

I REFUSE to drive a minivan.

Happily, they have some awesome crossovers that are exactly like minivans, only without the dumpy van look and without a sliding door. Now all I need is another bun in the oven, and the vehicle I want is mine! Here's to hoping I get my new car in about 8 months. ;)


S.I.F. said...

As someone who is and always has been a big purse girl (I have this thing for needing to carry books and large bottles of water with me always) I say: welcome to the club! ;)

Heather said...

Oh are you kidding, you HAVE to have a big handbag if you have kids!

Things in my handbag: toddler sunscreen, toys, snacks, spare underwear (for Claire not me lol), drink bottles, little first aid kit, wipes, hats and probably more. I got mine at Ve.ra Brad.ley, I dont know if I could ever go back to a small bag now lol.

Potters said...

My friend is growing up too fast. Graduating to a big purse, I didn't know this day would come so soon. Teasing. The only thing worse than a minivan is a station wagon.

Suzanne said...

I love big purses, I know you'll love yours! DH always teases me about carrying the kitchen sink and everything in it in my purse. But I've managed to fit a wallet, calendar, GPS system, sunglasses, keys, two tubes of lipstick, a mini calculator, a small container of blush, and mace in my purse. Trust me .... once you get used to a big purse you'll never want to go back to a small one!