Monday, December 13, 2010

You Wanna Know?

Okay, since so many of your responded to my last post with "Been there, done that, done worse." I have decided you can all handle the story I was going to tell. I am sure now that you will all get a laugh.

Saturday night Hubs and I allowed my best friend to baby sit (at her request [I'm serious]) and went out for a date for the first time in eons. We started out with a really tasty dinner at Son.oma and then headed to a couple's massage at a massage club where I am a member. I guess Hubs enjoyed his massage so much, it made him a little frisky. We have been so off-sync from each other lately, I welcomed his advances. So we played around a little bit after our masseurs left the room to allow us to get dressed. We didn't stick around for too long because we knew they were waiting for us on the other side of the door.

On our way out, I stopped to use the ladies. Silly me, I forgot to lock the door. Of course, I seriously didn't think Hubs was feeling THAT frisky. He was.

After we had been in there for a couple of minutes, there was a knock on the door. I shouted that it was occupied, and the person on the other side shouted, "Yeah, they're in there." Hubs and I both laughed, but he would not be deterred. A few minutes later there was another knock followed by, "Hey guys, we're closing." Shortly thereafter, we emerged.

I told Hubs I would not be able to go back for another massage for months and was afraid they had marked "Has sex in the bathroom" on my chart. He laughed and told me we should schedule another couple's massage for 3 weeks down the road and request the same masseurs.

The sad (or funny) thing is, I can't say that was the strangest place we've ever "done the deed."


Fran said...

Woohooo that's a good one! And sure now I'm as curious as a monkey and want to know the strangest place!! Love, Fran

Kathleen said...

YEAH for you guys!!! So funny! I love it. And yeah for hubs for being frisky :-) Glad you were in sync for that day.

Life Happens said...

You gotta keep the spice in your life! I don't think I could ever go back there though!

I hope ya'll didn't keep them waiting too long since they were closing. :)

Suzanne said...

That is funny! It sounds like it was a wonderful date night :)

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

This post made me smile. Thanks for sharing :)
I've left you a blog award on my blog-please check it out when you have the time!

Noelle said...

I loved this story!!! Yay for you!!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting. Please forgive me :(

Potters said...

Woot woot!