Monday, April 12, 2010

Movie Critic Round 1

My husband and I have a Blo.ckbu.ster account where we receive movies in the mail. When we first got it, we watched so many movies it was crazy. Of course, that was back during our infertility treatment days when we had nothing else to do but watch movies. At one point, I did a movie review week on my blog. It was a lot of fun, and I haven't done it since, so I thought it would be fun to start doing it again on this blog. Who can't use a break from the every day bump and grind of TTC against the odds?

So here are my movie reviews on the last few movies DH and I watched:
  • 500 Days of Summer - I thought this movie was supposed to be a cute romantic comedy. I am not a huge Zoey fan, but DH thought this movie looked cute, so I put it on the BB list. I should have known by the first statement in the movie that I didn't need to proceed any further. This movie was anything BUT cute! It was actually quite a downer. The only thing it did for me was make me even more super dooper glad that I am no longer in the dating scene and pray to God that I never am again.

    I give this movie two big thumbs down and don't recommend it unless you feel like being really glad you aren't dating anymore.
  • The Informant - This movie was not at all what I expected either, but it was kind of funny. It wasn't as funny as the commercials made it out to be, but it wasn't horrible. DH and I both said we are sure it would have been even funnier if we worked for the F.BI. It definitely took twists and turns I didn't expect. The part that made us laugh the most was the dollar amount the guy stole from the company went up by $2-3 million every time he talked about how much was in his off-shore account. It was worth watching at least once.

    I give this movie a neutral thumb. I didn't wish I had the two hours of my life back that I spent watching it, and it was entertaining.
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic - CUTE beyond CUTE! Maybe I thought it was super cute because I have a shopping addiction myself. Or maybe I thought it was super cute because I LOVE Isla Fisher. Either way, I loved this movie. It also helps that it ended the way all romantic comedies should. The comedic value was also there throughout the movie, especially the part where she literally freezes her assets. I did that once, so I could totally relate. I can also relate to the need to go to a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting. Oh yeah, I can also relate to the rush I feel when I buy things. I am all about tangible instant gratification.

    I give this movie two great big thumbs up! Definitely see it if you haven't yet. It is too cute to pass up.
  • Last Chance Harvy - If you haven't seen this one yet, let me save you the trouble. Don't. It was so depressing. It was one of those movies that should be shown to people recovering from depression because you watch it and think, "Thank God my life isn't that sad and pathetic. I thought I was ready to jump off a bridge."

    I only give this movie one thumb down because it had Emma Thompson in it, whom I adore, and Robert Deniro, who is a great actor.
  • Bride Wars - It was just as cute as the commercials made it out to be, although the ending was a little different than I thought it would be. It was this close - to being a letdown, but then they fixed it. In addition to a really cute story line that I can kind of relate to in real life, it has Kate Hudson and Ann Hathaway in it. You don't get much more all-star than that. I love those two. My first favorite movie with Kate was The Four Feathers. If you haven't seen the latter yet, do!

    I give this movie two thumbs way up!

Now its your turn. Tell me about a recent movie you watched, whether it is worth seeing or not, and give it your thumbs rating. I am all for adding your finds to my list for my viewing pleasure.

Also, I DO go back and rate the movies I rent on BB's website. A couple of the ones I have listed above only got half a star from me, and others got the maximum 5!


Krystal said...

We recently rented "The Men Who Stare at Goats" because the preview looked hilarious. However, all the funny parts were in the preview, so it kind of sucked.

Heather said...

I totally agree on your thumb rating of 500 days of summer, the informant and confessions of a shopaholic. I havent seen Last chance Harvy...and I didnt much like Bride Wars. They made it too over the top, and showed all the funniest scenes in the preview (which I hate). I'd give that one a neutral.

"How to train your dragon" is a movie I saw recently and really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the animation and storyline but the real bonus was the Scotish accents which really added something extra to the movie.

-Two thumbs up, it has

Saige said...

Krystal, I am glad you mentioned that one. I thought it looked funny, but now I will definitely pass it up. I hate when they put ALL of the funny parts in the commercials too.

Heather, I will definitely watch How to Train Your Dragon. I agree with the Scottish accents bit. If there was no good plot to the movie, the accents alone would make up for it. :D

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Well I tend to watch one a week at the least and I kid myself that I'm an amateur critic LOL. I look up reviews of my favourite movies on IMDB all the time and critique a movie all the way through (after pausing it so I don't miss anything!)
I just saw the Invention of Lying which I thought was interesting, it wasn't super funny and Jennifer Garner + Rick Gervais = not a believable couple, but it was pleasant anyway. DH wanted me to get the Time Traveler's wife but I declined as it is a bit depressing-however it is still on my list 'to watch'! One thumb for the Invention of Lying for being a bit thought-provoking and illustrating the roles that lies play in society.