Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Honorable Mention

First of all, I want to thank all of my wonderful bloggy friends for backing me up on my last post and telling me I wasn't being silly. I really appreciated it.

I did go to the awards banquet, and I kept telling myself I could do it. That I wouldn't be a grouch because I knew I wouldn't win anything. Aren't these things all about supporting the people you respect and admire anyway? It is to celebrate the whole department and share in everyone's success. While it would be nice to be recognized, the party was for everyone.

I actually had a pretty good time. I will admit though that I secretly loved it when only one person on my team won an award. I kind of had an evil chuckle about that. Last year everyone on my team won an award except me.

I did, however, get an honorable mention, which was nice. The funny thing is, I was pretty zoned out when I was mentioned, so I almost missed it. Had I been paying attention, I would have hammed it up a bit. But because I wasn't, the moment slipped by before I realized it. Oops.

I have decided I am going to talk to my PM about the little guys like me. There is another girl in my department who is a graphic artist and has busted her tail on our latest project. Like me, she is the only one who does what she does, and she is also like the bastard child in the corner until someone needs something from us. There are far too many people like us in the office who work just as hard as all of the folks who receive awards but go unrecognized. I realize these engineers design our products, and a lot of time and work goes into taking a drawing and making it a reality, but that reality also includes the graphic designer's artwork for marketing literature that sells the product, and it includes the manuals I write so that our end users know how to make the product work correctly and safely. We work every bit as hard as they do, and then we are overlooked. Honestly, it sucks, and it hurts.

For a company who is all about boosting morale, they overlooked recognition for the folks behind the scenes. So I am going to suggest to my PM that we either have an awards ceremony for people like me, or that we are included in the annual award ceremony. I don't necessarily need a trophy or a plaque, but I would like a little something to show I am appreciated just as much as my teammates.

I will let you all know how that goes.

On a different subject, I have scheduled my surgery for May 28th. I forgot to post about it on this blog. So in less than a month, I will be spending a lot of time on my back side sleeping and reading blogs for 3-6 weeks. :D I am kind of looking forward to the time away from everything for a bit.

And now, it is time for a girl drowsy from heavy allergy medication to take her leave and head off to dreamland. Good night all!

P.S. I LOVE that I can write about all of these feelings on this blog! These are things I would never say in real life. lol


Mrs Bee said...

I'm so glad you got an honourable mention...
They better start noticing you more or I'll fly over and stab them!!

Sending lots of love.

Fran said...

Well done on being mentioned! Also I think it's great that you will talk with your PM about the hard work less visible people are doing.

And wohooo the 28th is really soon!! I'll be on holidays but I'll make sure I'll check on you!

Potters said...

I am glad you were mentioned. You do a great job.

Jill said...

I'm glad you got some recognition even if it wasn't as much as you deserve. And you are absolutely right, all of those parts are important to what your company does. None more so than any other because without one you would have an incomplete product!