Monday, October 25, 2010


I thought it had been a lot longer since my last post. It feels like its been ages, but really it has only been about 5 days. There has been absolutely nothing blog-worthy going on in my life lately. In fact, if you follow my other blog you know that I have been taking a break from the blogs. Not just the blogs, but everything that involves reading because my eyes have been driving me nuts lately. They keep trying to tell me they are strained, so I end up feeling like I'm going cross-eyed and then it makes the bridge of my nose ache. Weird, I know.

I did learn a valuable lesson over the weekend: Don't leave your front door open for extended periods of time.

When I got home on Friday my husband took my daughter out front to play in the tree swing. It was a pleasant day, so I left the door open. More because I wasn't really thinking about it than anything else. It stayed open for probably a good 30 minutes or so before I closed it because a storm front was blowing up from the south, which means high humidity. Yuck!

The next morning my husband got up with the baby to let me sleep in. As they were heading down stairs for breakfast, a little sparrow that had apparently flown in when the door was open the night before started to excitedly try to fly out the window in our stairwell in an attempt to escape. My daughter squealed with delight and my husband laughed. He opened the front door, and the bird eventually figured out how to get out of the house and back out to freedom.

Later that night we were all sitting in the family room watching TV after a long day of shopping and housework when my husband announced that there was an Anole (lizard) crawling across the floor. Sure enough, there was the little fella scuttering across my rug. We all laughed as my husband tried to catch the lizard. At one point, the silly thing ran up my husband's leg. He eventually caught him, and the Munchkin got to pet his head before he was put back outside to freedom just like the bird.

Other than that, life has been boring. Same old, same old. Waiting for ovulation, which apparently decided to come later this month than the last two months, but closer to when I normally ovulate.

So unless I have something really cool to update on, don't be surprised if I go quiet for a bit. It isn't because anything is wrong, its because nothing is going on.


Seeking Pink said...

LOL!! As the mom of 4 boys (gasp!! I feel like I should come with a warning label!) I know what an Anole is .. it's one of the few reptiles that I actually allow my kids to have as a pet. (ha ha) ... we know how quick they are and now they jump! So I can just see the battle in my head!

Having nothing blog worthy .. isn't so bad sometimes!!

BTW...thanks for the notes, I appreciate it!!

Life Happens said...

Sometimes a blogging break is good for the soul. We're always here so come back anytime and we will anxiously wait for your updates!

And keep the door closed! No more creatures crawling or flying around the house!!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Nothing wrong with taking a break. Hopefully ovulation will happen easily and this will be your lucky you more to blog about!

Cherish This Life! said...

Nothing is sometimes so great! ENJOY IT!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad that the lizard and bird made it back outside to freedom. Nothing going on is good sometimes :)