Friday, November 20, 2009

Its ICLW Time!

Hello friendly bloggers! I can't believe it is already ICLW time. I didn't notice when I signed up for it this month that it would take place over the Thanksgiving holiday. Total Bummer. I will do my best to keep up before and after the holiday though.

I absolutely love ICLW because I feel like it brings our ALI community closer together, even if only for a few days. We get to meet and reach out to new people, find new blogs, and share in new lives. It is such a wonderful experience.

For a bit of my back story, click the link above. In short, I started this blog when I realized and embraced the fact that I had PPD along with some PTSD from years of infertility. It became my therapy as I tried to heal my wounds and get my life back to where I wanted it to be.

I am glad I chose the road I did to help with my PPD. It has been an eye opening ride, but a good one. I can't even tell you what a difference it made. My PPD was bad enough it was affecting my job performance, and it caused my project manager to say things that shocked me and made me fear for losing my job. It wasn't until that monthly review that my eyes were really opened to just how bad off I was. That review, coupled with a few other events, caused me to finally seek the help I needed. Within a month everyone could see a huge difference. In my next review, my project manager told me he was finally seeing the woman he had hired a year and a half before. It took a little intervention from the people I loved and a little resolution on my part, but I am happy to say, my life is back on track and where it should be.

My husband and I want to have more children, but we're currently on a TTC break. If we had our way, there wouldn't have been much of a break because we wanted lots of children. However, my body has other plans, as I have extensive endometriosis and PCOS (a double wammy). Knowing this, we are happy with any and all children we are able to have, realizing our family won't be as large as we had hoped. We feel so fortunate and blessed that we were able to have one, and if that is all we ever get, we will be just as happy as if we had four or five. Our daughter is the light of our life. Having her after years of painful infertility treatments has brought us so much closer together than we were the day we got married.

I can honestly say, while the road was bumpy and sometimes threatened to throw us off completely, it was well worth hanging on. I have definitely managed to make my life the way I always saw it being. Now I continue this blog in an attempt to help others who struggle with infertility, depression, or anything else they need help getting through.

So that's my blog purpose in a nutshell. Welcome to my blog and my story. I look forward to meeting all of you.


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hey there found you on SQ-your blog is really interesting. In particular your story about your friend-that must have been such a tough experience. Take care :)

Pie said...

Hi there! Glad to come across your blog for the first time this morning (thru ICLW). Glad to hear you are doing better with PPD.

Noelle said...

I can't thank you enough for writing your blog. It has been so helpful to me. Your mission to help others who struggle with IF and depression...Well, it is working. I can't thank you enough for the support you have given me. You are a real treasure.

Suzanne said...

I read your original post explaining your situation. I think that you are very brave and did the right thing to help yourself, your husband, and your child. I am currently battling with IF and struggle with depression myself. I too see a doctor and a therapist and take antidepressants. I know I'm at high risk for PPD, but I'm hoping that with effective treatment I'm be able to stop it before it gets to be bad. However, I need to focus on having the baby first! Thank you for being open about your PPD and your struggle. ICLW

Miriam said...

Stopping by for ICLW.

Wonderful blog you have! I think there is a misconception that IFers won't get PPD because we tried so hard to have kids. I know that it never occurred to me that I would deal with PPD.

Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Krystal said...

It's so nice to meet you on this ICLW. I'm so glad that your therapy and blogging is therapeutic for you! I pray that you and your husband will be blessed with more children in the years to come.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

You have had quite a road, but I am impressed by how strong you sound. The emotional scars of IF are the 'gift with purchase' that none of us ever wanted.