Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are You On Speed?

"Are you on speed?" This is a question my husband asked me in the past week. Why? Because my antidepressants not only make me one of the happiest people on the face of the planet, they give me super energy and I constantly feel that any project that needs tackling must be tackled, dominated, and completed ASAP. I certainly wasn't this way before I was on these blessed happy pills.

Just to give you a couple examples, the other day I asked DH to please go up in the attic and bring down an empty bin I had just put up there a couple days before. Before he could respond I happily said, "Never mind. Its cool. I'll go get it," and was walking to the garage before he had a chance to register what I had said in the first place. Thus spurred the "speed" comment.

My second example is that ALL of my Christmas shopping was done one day before Thanksgiving. Yes, ALL of it. I have one thing left for the Munchkin coming in the mail and that's it. Then I wrapped every single present this weekend and got the packages that are being shipped to family in their boxes and ready to take to the post office this week. But the fun doesn't end there, on no. I wrote our first ever Family Christmas letter, stuffed them in envelopes with our first Family Christmas Card Picture, sealed them, stamped them, and addressed them. They are all ready to go in the mail with the family parcels first thing this week. Although, I figured I should wait until at least December 1st to post anything just so I don't seem too weird.

Did I mention yet that I cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner completely by myself? It even included desert and the use of fine china. It was no small meal either. And yes, my house is spic and span. Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm on speed too.

I told DH at dinner tonight if he didn't like the new deliriously happy me that he had only himself to blame. His response, "I'll take it over psycho B any day." And just in case your wondering, happy people do get "it" more. ;p

P.S. I typed this post in three minutes.


Life Happens said...

I need some of what you're taking!

You've got everything done so now you can just sit back and really enjoy the holidays!

Noelle said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like a bit of heaven!!! Please do tell me exactly what it is you are on!

Mine makes me tired :( When I was on Wellbut.rin, I was "speedy" but it made me nervous.

I think it is wonderful that you are feeling this way! You have been through so much, and you deserve it!

Your post made me smile :)

AnxiousMummy said...

Hey there,
it's so great to hear you're doing so well, I am sooo jealous you have done all your Xmas shopping, I am not even close! I loved your "PS"-that made me laugh!!

~Ifer said...

Seriously... share?



Hmph... you are no fun, keeping the good stuff to yourself!


Potters said...

You crack me up! I love the P.S. at the end. I am jealous that you have all of your Christmas shopping all done and wrapped. I got a lot of mine done I just need to shop for the hubby.