Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh My

I wish that I could say things got a lot better after my last post. They kind of did, but they also kind of got worse. It became apparent Sunday evening that I had caught my first cold in years. By Monday morning I was sporting a sore throat and had to call in sick to work. I also called the daycare and let them know my daughter wouldn't be there that day. Luckily, thanks to the help of my best friend who left work early to help me out, I got my car to the body shop yesterday afternoon. The guy at the shop honored his price from 6 weeks ago, which is a killer deal. He knocked almost $400 off his first estimate just to help me out. His price not only included the paint and clear coat, but he is going to take out all the dents and door dings. He told me he would put her back to showroom quality. I feel very blessed to say the least.

My poor car just has not been feeling good lately, and she has let me know it. In the last 5 weeks I have replaced both coolant hoses, my thermostat, all four tires, new front brakes, a new water pump, an alignment, a new stereo, and now a new paint job. Luckily I got some good deals from everyone involved in these updates, including the stereo. Someone knocked money off of service everywhere I've gone. Again, I feel very blessed.

My car and I have had some serious talks the last few weeks, and I made her promise to give my wallet a break for a while.

A few people have told me I should just get a new car already. I laugh and tell them after all of this, she is practically new. I have totally got my fingers crossed we are good for a while, especially where we have a 9-hour drive one way ahead of us for Thanksgiving. I can't have my car acting up on that trip.

I had to call in sick to work again this morning, and I don't think the outlook for tomorrow is that great either. I don't mind staying home when I don't feel good. I am glad that no one at work wants me there while I am contagious because then I don't feel obligated to be there when I feel like crap. I swear everyone at work carries around wooden stakes and strands of garlic to ward off those who are ill. They practically run you out of there with pitch forks and torches if you dare come in. Yay for me. I'd rather convalesce at home.

Anyhow, that is my update for now. I'm going to go sneeze and cough somewhere else now. Thank heaven for anti-viral tissues, cough drops, and Lysol!


Life Happens said...

Oh my! I hope you feel better!! And I hope your car will give your wallet a break!!

Potters said...

I hope you feel well soon. I also hope that your car feels better soon too. Sounds like she really is having a hard time the last few months.