Friday, July 30, 2010

Bye Bye Meds

Over the last week my subconscious kept telling me that since we are going to start trying for a baby next month that it is time for me to get off my antidepressants. The thought has nagged and nagged me, until finally I called the doctor's office the other day and made my appointment for next Tuesday.

When I went on them a year ago my plan was to stay on them until I found out I was pregnant. Well, that was the plan as long as my IUD came out in February and we were right back at trying for a baby. We all know that didn't happen. I was so glad I was still on them back then, and decided to stay on them until after my surgery and up until we got pregnant again. Apparently though, my subconscious has other plans and has decided I should go off them now, before we even start trying.

Over the past year, I was nervous about the day I started to wean off. They really did help even me out and keep me sane. But as my doctor says, once the brain figures out how to do these things on its own, the meds aren't necessary any more. We hope that will be the case with me.

I have never been on any medication for so long in my life. Having said that, I feel pretty confident that all of my neurons and receptors are fully capable of doing their jobs without the aid of my meds anymore. I am no longer nervous to go off of them, but excited because its time. They have done their job and served their purpose, and I am ready to be free of them. I am actually pretty excited.

I guess over the next month we will see how I do. I'm ready to lose the crutch and start running on my own again.


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

I'm sure you will be strong enough to get through this and the best thing is it means you're getting closer to your next pregnancy!!

Beckie's Infertile said...

I went off mine and it was a slight tranistion but nothing I could not handle! Somedays I wanns reach for them!

Good luck girly - you can do it!

Fran said...

I totally think you are ready my dear friend!! We'll all be here for you if you feel unsure in the next little while. Keep in mind the greater goal, your body is ready, you are ready too. Much love, Fran

Jill said...

I hope it works out well! Take care of yourself and make sure you are really doing alright. I think you will do great - good luck!

Life Happens said...

Getting off your meds is one step closer to baby!! Hope the transition goes smoothly.

Jennifer said...

This is the step you want to take for your baby and I think you are wonderful for doing this! Your strength will see you through this. ((HUGS))

Suzanne said...

I'm hoping and praying that your transition goes smoothly!