Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharing a Favorite

When DH and I first moved to Texas a couple and a half years ago, we visited an art and framing store to find new picture frames for our wedding pictures. They had been in cherry wood frames in our last two places of residence, but the wood scheme of the room they were going into in the new house was maple. While we were looking around, I came across this print by Karen Dupre and instantly fell in love with it.

What is it exactly that I love about this painting? Is it the color scheme? Definitely. I love the browns, golds, and blacks and the way they all just go together. But what I really love is the composition. A million words could not describe what I see and get from this picture.

No matter what era you put this woman in, her clothes and jewelry tell us she is classy, stylish, wealthy. I love her coat, and the way it wraps around her and frames her figure as if it was made just for her. I love the way her black hat comes down over her face that even though you can't see all of it, you know she is beautiful. You know her expression would be one of contentment. She is fulfilled. She hasn't a care in the world, and even if she does, she doesn't care.

Perhaps what I love best is that the title of the painting is, "Time to Shop." The woman in the picture is taking her jaguar shopping with her. The cat is proudly wearing a diamond studded collar that matches his mistresses necklace as he majestically pads down the street next to her. This painting is so artistically done, you would think this was something you would see every day, as if it is a common occurrence to take your pet jaguar shopping with you and no one minds or freaks out at the sight of the massive cat.

This painting just sucks me in. I could stare at it for hours. It is soothing in a way.

While I was looking for the image to upload to this post, I found out that the artist is rather famous. She has many paintings, and there are some I love just as much as this one. There is one in particular that I would like to own, and one day when I purchase it, I will do a post all about it too.


mckala7 said...

I love that painting as well... and boy does it describe you to a 'T'. :) Love you!

Life Happens said...

It is a beautiful painting. Very elegant and classy! Can't wait to you purchase the one you really want. :)

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome painting, I have never seen that before. I also love the color scheme, those are my favorites!

I love how art can suck you in. I have my Grandma's Norman Rockwell collection. I totally thought it was silly when I was younger but once I started to really look at his paintings and drawings and the thought he put into all of them I fell in love. Art is so fantastic, if only I could draw, LOL!