Monday, July 12, 2010


So if you missed (or chose not to read) my (long) post below, I will give you a quick back story as to what is going on with my grandma's ring.

Blah blah blah, the jeweler sucked and lied to me, blah blah blah, I didn't get what I expected or was told I was getting, blah blah blah, I got mad and took my business elsewhere.

Somewhere in between all of the blah, blah, blahs above, the jeweler did not repair my ring by reshanking it (i.e., making the band the same thickness all of the way around), so when I got it back they had only soldered the bottom of the ring together where it had worn thin and broke, instead of reshanking it, which is what they told me they would do.

Rather than be really freaking upset that they didn't do what they said, I looked for a low-cost solution, which happened to be in my cedar chest in the form of a promise ring from my high school sweetheart, and my first love. I said to myself, says I, "What better purpose for that silly gold band than to repair my grandma's engagement ring!" By jove! Two very special and important rings coming together as one!

Friday afternoon I decided I was done with the mom and pop ring shops. That company really screwed everyone else over who doesn't operate under a big name. I ended up calling Za.les and asking them how much it would cost to use one ring to save the other. The quote was almost twice as high as the mom and pop shop, but I didn't care. Sometimes it is just worth it to pay a little more and get exactly what you expect and get treated with respect in the meantime.

Tonight my ring is on its way to be repaired. By Friday I will know if one part of my life can be used to save a part of my grandparent's life. Two things that were already precious in their own right will be joined together to become even more sentimental and precious.

One day, that ring will be passed on to my daughter, who was there to witness the handing over of the rings today.


S.I.F. said...

Grrr! I hate that you got screwed! But I seriously kind of love your new plan... I am sure you are going to love it!

Fran said...

Sweetie, once the ring is repaired you have to post a picture of it! Great choice by the way to use what once was meaningful to you to repair what is more meaningful today!
And I loved your comment on my last post my friend!! You always give me so much reassurance, it's so so strange!! It's as if you were here!
Much love, Fran

Life Happens said...

I hope Za.les is able to do a better job! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Heather said...

oooh! I want to see it! I want to see it!

Good girl...good choice!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

I think this is a great solution and yeah, if you have to pay a bit more then that is OK because it will finally get DONE!! Can't wait to see the final result :)

Anonymous said...

Can you tell I am SOOOO behind on my blog comments, Sorry to bombard you with comments! I set an RSS feed in my email so I read all your posts but have been so lazy about commenting. I miss you! I am so sorry to hear that you got the run around with the ring but I am not surprised that Zales did you good, they are great. We have had the best luck and I agree they are not always the cheapest but they do such a great job. The ring turned out amazing!