Thursday, July 8, 2010

The PMS Avenger

Have you ever had those weeks where you feel like you are the PMS Avenger? I am in one right now, and I am begging to take this cape off and pass it onto the next gal because I have had enough! I am so tired of the need to boil over just to get what is right and fair. I am tired of feeling like each day this week has been given to me in a giant suppository format. I really want this week to end.

Remember how I told you all I was getting my grandma's ring repaired? Well I took it in 3 weeks ago and told them exactly what I wanted. The bottom of the band had been worn thin, and so had broken. All of the stones had been removed and put into a new ring. I asked the guy (known as batman from here on out) if he could not only repair the bottom, but if he could also make it the same thickness as the rest of the ring, to which he said they could. So he wrote up the bill, I paid, and handed over the ring. He told me it would be back in a week.

A week later I excitedly went to get my ring. I couldn't wait to see it! I got there only to be informed it was not back yet, but that they would have batman call their jeweler and call me back. He never called me back. This same scenario was repeated two more times over the next week, making my ring TWO weeks late. Three times I was told batman would call me, and he never did.

Over this past weekend I decided I would march in there first thing Tuesday morning and demand my money and ring back. I was so angry. But when I got to work that day, I saw I had missed a call. The message was 7 seconds long (no joke). It was batman telling me my ring was back. So I excitedly jumped in the car and went to get it.

When it was unwrapped from the tissue paper and handed to me I was so amazed. It was gorgeous! It turned out so beautiful, and it gleamed like a whole new ring. I put it on and left the store, but just outside the door I looked at the bottom of the band. It had not been made to match the thickness of the rest of the band. It was just as skimpy as when I took it in.

I was fuming, and I knew I had better walk away rather than go back because I knew I would say things I would regret. That and I am not confrontational. After I got back to work and showed J, she got me all riled up and I called the jeweler to tell them I wasn't happy.

Guess what I was told? He said he would leave batman a message, who wasn't working that day, and he would call me back the next day. All of a sudden, I grew a pair. I told him I had been told that three times before and batman never called back. I told him I was extremely unhappy with my experience because of that and the fact that it had taken 3 times as long as they said it would. He told me I would have to take it up with batman. What a spineless moron.

I went into the store the next day the second they opened and demanded batman tell me what exactly I paid for. He told me he thought I only wanted to repair the bottom of the ring. I shoved it in his face and said, "Look at this! This is so flimsy it is going to break again in 5 minutes. Why would I ask you to only solder it together? What good is that to me? I can't wear this!" The jerk actually told me that if I wanted to make the bottom the same thickness as the rest of the ring it would cost me more. Freaking up yours batman!

The upside to this story is I have a gold band from the first guy I ever loved. We bought one for each other just before we graduated from high school as promise rings. It has sat unused and mostly unseen in my cedar chest since we broke up 13 years ago. What better purpose for it than to repair my grandma's ring?! How cool is it that the ring from my first love is going to be put together with the ring from my grandma's one true love? (No, DH has no idea where my gold band came from and never will.)

As if all of that wasn't bad enough, I had to fight with my insurance company the next day over the fact that they have not been applying my payments to my out-of-pocket correctly or for the correct amounts. They are hundreds of dollars off, in their favor of course. So I have more than met my requirements for the year, yet they choose to ignore hundreds of dollars I have already paid so that I can keep helping them pay their share.

Insurance lady, if you took my call this week, I'm sorry my husband ripped you a new one.

THEN, I got an email from my BIL today. (For those of you new to the blog, the B does not stand for "brother." Feel free to insert the B expletive of your choice.) We haven't talked in 5 months, and she sends me the nastiest email about my other blog and something she took out of context so that she could use it against me. I replied and ripped her a new one, and then I ripped her another new one, and then I ripped her another new one, and then I hit "Send."

I spent all day fighting with her, which always gets my blood absolutely boiling. Then at the end of it we decided to put all of it behind us and move on, so I apologized for my part... she didn't. Rather, she turned it around and tried to make it sound like I should have apologized... for ALL of it. When I pointed out the fact that her email was in fact meant the way she said it and prompted her for an apology, she simply said, "Let's just put this behind us, OK?"


I emailed her just before I started writing this blog post and told her she owed me an apology, and that if she wanted to put all of this behind us, she had to show me some respect by doing so first. I'm not her stinking door mat. She can't manipulate me into thinking she didn't owe me an apology.

At any rate, I am exhausted from all of my PMS avenging this week, and I just want it to be over. I seriously can't wait to see what waits for me tomorrow. If I have to wear this cape again, I will, but beware if you are the one facing my wrath!


Heather said...

Maybe you're more angry because of PMS but they're things you'd likely be angry about anyway so dont feel too bad about it.

Totally feeling you on the BIL/MIL front! *hugs*

Life Happens said...

People should just learn to not mess with you! LOL. Sorry about all the drama around the ring and insurance AND the BIL. I can't believe she's back! I hope she does apologize to you.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I am so sorry you had to deal with these things. I would be furious about the ring too!! And the BIL...well I am sure I would have responded pretty much the same way. It just makes me so mad when people refuse to apologize when they should. I'm the first to say I'm sorry if I need to...why can't others do the same?!!

Cherish This Life! said...

Ugh, the BIL. When is she ever going to learn?!?! I hate that you have to keep dealing with her childish ways. Just think though...we will be old and SANE and not ridiculous! I don't want to be one of those old ladies who acts like they are still in high school and lives such an irrational life!

PS...LOVE the idea that the ring is your first love and your gma's love all in one, that makes it even more special!