Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome ICLW!

Here's a big WELCOME to ICLW participants!

My name is Saige, and the purpose behind my blog is to help me make my way back from PPD and PTSD brought on by the battle of infertility. For a complete back story, visit this post.

While I use this blog as an outlet for feelings that aren't always rosy, I try to mingle it with the bits of life that are truly wonderful. No one likes a downer all of the time, and no one likes to be a downer all of the time.

While I am not currently battling infertility, I fought the war and won round 1. In a few months, I will be back in the saddle fighting round 2 with new complications that weren't there in round 1. It is a fight I am nervous to fight, even more so than I was the first time. We have so much more on the line this time than we did before. For now, I am enjoying my break from TTC and filling my time with my beautiful daughter who was worth absolutely everything I had to go through to get her here.

Feel free to follow along on my journey to recovery as I arm myself for the war that lies ahead.

Thanks for stopping by!


~Ifer said...

You rock Saige! I have enjoyed following your blog, and I bet others will too. I hope you are doing better, and feeling stronger now.

April said...

Congratulations on winning round 1. I hope that things are working with your PhD psychologist and that you are feeling better.


Suraita said...

I'm here by way of ICLW. Thanks for sharing your story - I hope that round two will go well for you!

Lucy said...

Hi from ICLW! GL to you in your future journey!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

You have travelled a hard road and come out on the other side victorious... congratulations! Blessings on your continuing journey!


Noelle said...

I'm here from the ICLW. Thank you for sharing your story. First, I congratulate you on finally getting the help you need. I have struggled with depression all of my life and have been on and off anti-depressants. Finally, after months of extreme depression after my miscarriage, I went back on the medication. It has helped me tremendously, although I am thinking that I may have to up the dosage.

I can see how you would have extreme depression because of all of your years of IF. This process takes an extreme toll...I am only 6 months in, and I don't know how I am going to manage...

Thank you for acknowledging the pain and bringing light to it. I wish more people acknowledged the pain.

Mrs Bee said...

I'll be here for round two my love!!

big hugs.