Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Boring Blogger

Dear blog friends, I am sorry for being such a boring blogger lately. I just haven't had much to write about. I mean, all I do every day is lay around on my backside and heal. Boring!

Last week I was kind of crazy though and went on a cleaning rampage around my house. It needed a good, deep clean, and I took this time off as an opportunity to both clean my house and overdo it after my surgery. I'm not sure if all I have done the last 4 or so days is sleep because I'm tired from overdoing it last week, or if it is because I'm bored. Seriously though, all I want to do is sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying each and every single second of this recovery and the opportunity it has afforded me to slow down a bit. I think I will be back to work before I am really truly ready. But then again, are we ever ready? Not only that, but I know that the chances of me having time off like this from work again are not very likely. Next time I have uterine surgery, it had better be to deliver a full-term baby! Even then, I won't be lounging around with nothing to do but sleep. So, as I said, I am enjoying it.

I actually have a few things I could and should still be working on while I have so much free time, like the curtains I have been trying to put together for the last few months. But for some reason, I lack the motivation to do that right now. I still have another week before going back to work, and I know that if I tell myself now I will get them done by the end of this week, they will get done, so that will be my goal -- to get the curtains done by the end of the week.

When I went home to see my parents last month, my dad gave me a bunch of my grandma's old jewelry that his sisters didn't want. Upon looking through it, I noticed a common theme: it was all broken. My dad offered it to my sister first, as she makes jewelry for a living, but she declined, so I took it and told my dad I would repurpose it myself. In that bag of beat down necklaces, I found a ring. I pulled it out and tried it on. It was broken and the stones had been removed. My dad told me it was my grandma's engagement ring. I was gobsmacked, why hadn't his sisters wanted that? It is easy enough to fix. Who cares why they didn't? I was all over taking it off their hands.

I plan on taking my grandma's ring to a couple of jewelers tomorrow to get estimates on how much it will cost to repair it. I can't afford to have diamonds set back in it, but my grandparents lived near a mountain that has abundant topaz. They used to go out there and mine topaz just for fun. I decided that clear topaz is just as pretty as diamonds, and it has meaning to me, especially for the ring, because of it's history with my grandparents.

The thought of having that ring repaired is so exciting to me. I have told DH that that is what I want for Christmas. Depending on how much it will cost to repair it, I might tell him I want it for our anniversary instead.

In closing I wanted to point out that I changed my profile picture for something a little cuter. I can tell you, that is pretty much how I feel these days. Speaking of which, its bed time, so I'm outta here.


S.I.F. said...

Is it weird that I just got oddly jealous of you and your recovery time? That's not something I'm supposed to envy, right?!? :)

Heather said...

I dont think your posts have been boring, but then all I do is write about my day so posts seem more exciting than mine lol.

As for the ring, awesome idea to get topaz put in it! I cant believe they'd discard something so special!

Cherish This Life! said...

Yeah for sleep! And yes, the next time they are getting anywhere near that uterus of yours I pray it's to deliver a baby!!! So exciting! Good luck with the curtains, that is my project this week too and I am just as unmotivated, LOL!

I hope the ring repairs will be super affordable so you can have the ring soon, what a gift, that is awesome! I too got a bunch of my grandmothers jewelry and it is such a prize to me.

PS...love the new profile picture!

Jennifer said...

I think you are wise for taking it easy. Just take this time to heal. I am one that tends to overdo it too, but as my husband always tells me...take it easy.

The ring sounds wonderful. I love topaz...and I agree...so much meaning behind it. Can't wait to see pictures of it someday.

Take care, Saige and feel better soon. ((HUGS))

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hey babe,
I can totally relate. But I don't think you're being boring. That 3-part post about your MIL was really interesting!! Anyway I love your new profile pic, too. Thinking of you!!