Friday, June 4, 2010

Part 2 - My Husband is Born

~-~My Husband's life~-~

My husband was born to a very young mother who lived a hippy lifestyle to the max. I am sure she was there at Wo.odstock smoking doobies with the best of them when she met his dad, whom she married only to piss off her dad. She had been born into a life that gave her the opportunity to become whatever she wanted. They had wealth. Instead, she chose to skip school and party, scraping by a meager living. Then she gave birth to my husband. She had no idea what it meant to be a mother.

When my husband was about 2, his dad left the picture for good. Because my MIL had never bothered to make anything of herself, she could not raise my husband alone. A couple of years later, she dropped him on his grandparent's doorstep and left the picture to pursue a selfish life of pot and booze. This was the only good thing she ever really did for him.

Over the next few years, his grandma taught him to be responsible in all things. She taught him how to be a man, took him to swim lessons, and took care of him the way a mother should.

Then one day his mother decided she was ready to take him back when she shacked up with an extremely abusive man. Together, they eeked out a living, and she gave birth to my husband's half brother. For the next 8 years of his life, his step father beat the ever living shit out of him, while his mother stood by and did nothing.

When he was 13 years old, his step-dad left the picture, and left behind his bastard son, whom my husband had learned to loathe over the years. He then went into a lifestyle that would befit someone with his background, he became a hooligan who thought it was fun to be chased by cops, blow up frogs, and all sorts of other stupid things.

Then one day, he decided he didn't want that life. He wanted the kind where he would get married, have a family, be prosperous, and happy. He determined he wanted to be nothing like his mother. If she drank, he didn't want anything to do with it. If she smoked, he steered clear. If she liked sports, he hated them. Anything but to be like her.

His childhood was nothing like mine. Yet somehow, by the grace of God, he turned into a very fine, upstanding man who is well respected. He is an amazing father, and he loves his daughter so much. I can't imagine he has ever felt such love in his life for anything. It is incredible to look at his past and see who he has become. So very different from the path his mother set him on.

He too, is a phoenix.


mckala7 said...

Now you should email this link of this post to your BIL. That would be fun.

Life Happens said...

What a great man he is. He was smart enough to realize his potential and not follow in his mother's foot steps. I'm sure he loves you and your daughter with all his heart and wants to give you guys the world.

Cherish This Life! said...

I think it says so much about a persons character when they can recognize how wrong something is and strive to be so much better. Your Husband has had quite the life full of experiences but just like you said it is incredible to look at his past and see who he has become! You see some people who continue in the steps of their parents and continue that abuse and neglect because they don't know any better or don't think they are capable of change. It's surely a battle but I think he has been greatly rewarded by you and Baby Bean!!