Monday, June 7, 2010

My Friend

I would post about this on my primary blog, but as with most things on this blog, I don't want people IRL reading it. This time it is not about me, but one of my best friends. She has entrusted me with a secret, and she doesn't want people to know just yet what is going on. I do want to talk about it, especially in this community, but I need to do so in such a way that no one in our real lives will find it, figure out who I am talking about, and ask her about it.

One of my very dear best friends has recently been diagnosed with MFI. She kind of knew things were up last year when she went of BCP and TTC for a few months with no success. Of course, knowing an infertile always strikes fear in those who are just starting to try and go even 3 months without a BFP. So one day she texted me and asked for the name of my doctor. My heart fell. To be honest, I knew she would have trouble TTC from the moment I met her. (Remember how Ross said I have a bit of a gift myself? I always knew I did, even before he said that.) I had hoped my intuition was wrong, but it wasn't.

That night I went over to her house, ready to let her know what she could expect and to give her a bit of insight into the hell she was walking into. She was instantly on information overload, as we all are when we first embark on this hellish journey. I told her that I was always here for her, and if she ever felt like her head was spinning, to let me know. Ever since then, I have been on her journey with her.

It is so bitter sweet. It is so hard to watch someone I care so very much about go through what I did, knowing full well the repercussions it CAN have on a person's life. But I found comfort in that like me, she is a very positive person, and she refused to let this defeat her. It is sweet because I can be here for and with her every step of the way. She isn't alone like I was. I know it helps her a great deal. I am so glad that everything I went through can now help me help someone I love.

As soon as they were given a diagnosis of MFI, I gave her a copy of Con.cieve magazine that I had picked up while waiting for my sonohystrogram back in February. In it there was an article about IVF clinics around the world that provided services in better clinics than in the US and for a lot less money. One clinic it cited is in Turkey. The package includes the procedure, accommodations, transportation, and medication for $8k. All you have to pay for additionally is airline tickets and food. When DH and I read that, we decided we would go that route if we ever had to do IVF, so we took the magazine. But once my friend said she was looking into IVF, I gave her the magazine.

Their flight is booked for July 10th.

I am so incredibly excited for her. I am so glad I am able to be here for her, to cheer her on, and to make sure she doesn't lose hope.

One night we went on a walk, and I told her about how Ross said I had a gift. She said she knew I did. I told her that I had a really good feeling this IVF was going to work for her. I said I knew it from the moment I gave her the magazine. She said she felt it too. We both cried and hugged for a bit.

Please God, let my intuition be right this time too. My friend will make an awesome mother, and her husband will make an incredible father. You put these two fantastic people on earth to bless the lives of everyone they touch. Help them continue that blessing by providing them with children, children they will raise to be just as wonderful, caring, and compassionate as they are.

I know we all have many women in our lives in this same situation who need our prayers, but if you could, please remember my dear friend in them.


Jennifer said...

I really hope this works for your friend! I hope your intuition is right too!!

S.I.F. said...

I will be saying a few prayers too... What an incredible journey to be doing it out of country like that too!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Thinking of your friend as she moves forward onto IVF. I hope everything works out!

Leah said...

Your friend is lucky to have you in her life! Please keep us posted on your friend. I really hope this all works out for her and her husband.

Heather said...

prayers are being said!

Hope you are doing've been prayed for as well!

Anonymous said...

What a journey for them, I really hope it works out! I will be praying for them. She is lucky to have such great support!

Life Happens said...

I hope and pray your friend will have a successful cycle! You are a wonderful friend to her!