Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's Do It!

My husband rarely spends money, and when he does he has to research the crap out of it and then ruminate over it for a few weeks. When we got married he came with a nice pair of leather Oa.kley flip flops that he wore every where. When we moved to Texas and he started mowing our massive back yard filled with dog crap (insert sheepish grin here, as I am supposed to be the pooper scooper for my dogs), the shoes started to be left outside and worn less and less. Eventually they just stayed outside by the back door, only to be worn when mowing the lawn riddled with land mines.

For the last few months (read: year) all I have heard is him complain about how he used to have such nice flip flops, but that they weren't nice anymore because they had been left outside because they had dog poo on them at some point. I kept asking him if he wanted me to buy him new ones, and his answer was always no because he didn't think it was possible to find any as nice or that he would like the way he liked those ever again. *eye roll*

Two weekends before my surgery we got a baby sitter and went out for the night. We went to the outlet mall just to look around for fun when he came across a shoe store sporting many varieties of leather flip flops. He tried on a dozen or so pair, and then walked out, empty handed. It seriously annoyed me to no end because I knew it would not be the end of his lamenting the loss of his old flip flops.

To him, making a $40 purchase on flip flops is a big deal and must be thought over for weeks, if not months before purchasing. Its annoying. THEY ARE SHOES!!! Just buy the stupid things!

To finally get to the point of this story, DH told me last week that he wanted to ask me to buy something for him, but he felt that because I am a shopaholic, it was like asking an alcoholic to go to the liquor store for a bottle of wine. I told him I would love to buy something for him, and it was perfect because I would get to spend money and it was on something he needed, so he told me he had finally decided to buy flip flops, and asked if I would go get them for him.

Yesterday I went to the outlet mall after picking up the Munchkin early from daycare, and together we strolled around the mall. Okay, I didn't mean to stroll around the whole mall, but I forgot which end the shoe store was on, and upon looking at the directory, I discovered I was on the exact opposite corner. Its a talent I have apparently. Off we set, on a quest to buy flip flops for dad.

On our way around the mall, I stopped in a jewelry store to ask if my grandma's ring could even be repaired. I was told it could, and to bring it in for an estimate. I wasn't sure if I had any intention of going back there or not, but thought I would keep it in mind.

When we got to the shoe store, the shoes only came in full sizes, so DH and I guessed at what size he needed. When I got them home, he decided he needed the next bigger size, so I would have to take them back and trade them in. Yes, the wheels in my head were turning. He wanted the shoes, and I wanted my ring.

Today I dropped the Munchkin off at daycare and headed to the mall to make the great shoe exchange, with my grandma's ring securely tucked away in a box in my purse. The first place I went was the jewelry store because it was nearest the entrance I came in. I fully expected the repairs and stones to cost a few hundred dollars. I was flabbergasted when the quote came back at less than half what I had estimated. It took me a split second to decide. "Let's do it!" are the words that flew out of my mouth. Before I knew it my card had been swiped, paperwork filled out, and a receipt exchanged. My ring would be ready in a week.

I was so excited... until I walked out of the store and realized my husband would be mad I not only spent money, but so much money, and that he might further be more upset because I told him for Christmas I wanted him to repair the ring. Then I got a text from him, "What are you up to this morning?" Its like he knew I had just spent money! I texted him back, "You're going to be mad at me. Just remember how much you love me." His reply, "How much did you spend?" I called him to tell him what I had done, and that I was remorseful. I asked if he was mad and he said, "No, I'm not mad. This is something you have been wanting to do and it is special to you. You didn't just blow the money on useless crap like you usually do."

The heavens opened and the angels sang! I wasn't in trouble!

In a week's time, I will have a precious heirloom back in my possession, and I can't wait. I can't wait to see how beautiful it turns out, and then to wear it. I am even more excited that DH isn't mad at me for going ahead with it. Now I just hope that my grandma is happy with it. :)


Heather said...

Oh that's awesome! Will you show us how it turns out? I totally think you should count it as a reward for having to go through the healing process so you can give him more babies lol (I know you want them too, but lets just forget that so we can justify the spending lol).

S.I.F. said...

Way to go DH for being so understanding! That is so exciting!

Fran said...

Delighted it all turned out with less drama than expected! i would have done the same anyway! Love, Fran

Life Happens said...

Can't wait to see the ring! Don't you love it when things turn out to be cheaper than you expected??! I hope your hubby likes his new flip flops.