Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God Bless Texas... But Damn!

I am not a native Texan, I married one, and then gave birth to one. In fact, my Texan husband moved to my home state to find a wife and bring her home. When I tell people that story here in Texas, I always end it with, "Ta da!"

I always knew from the time I was little that I wouldn't live out my life in my home state. It felt like home, but it didn't feel like Home. I always felt like I was supposed to live somewhere bigger and better.

On our first date, DH asked me if I was attached to my home state. My answer, and the one that made me an automatic candidate for a second date, "Hell no!" He still laughs about my response to this day.

We ended up staying there for two years after we got married, first because I couldn't get married and then up and leave my family and everything I knew. I needed to adjust to being married while still in a comfort zone. Then I got a new job and needed to stick it out for at least a year because I knew doing so would pave the way for better, higher paying jobs in Texas. It did.

So almost two and a half years after we were married, we were relocated to Texas. I loved it right away. It felt instantly like Home. The place I would raise my children (if I ever got any), and live out my days. I adjusted quickly, and then good news after good news greeted me, which made it that much easier to get used to.

All of that being said, there are a few things I don't like about Texas.
  1. ALLERGIES! - I have never had allergies in my life. Here, one of my best friends is my bottle of Zy.rtec. Everyone told me that if you aren't from around here, you will have allergies for the first few years. They were right. Have you ever had the roof of your mouth itch from allergies? Mine does. I scratch it with my finger and my tongue as best as I can, which usually leaves a welt.
  2. Flea and Tick Medication for the Dogs - In my home state, I never ever had to think about flea and tick medication. I'm from the Northwest where it is too cold to worry about those pesky pests. Even mosquitoes weren't a problem unless you were in the mountains. Do you have any idea how much flea and tick medication costs for two dogs? It makes me and my wallet cry every month. Not only that, but my dogs only needed HeartG.uard April-November at home. Here they need it year round. I didn't know you could buy that stuff in a 12 month supply until I moved here.
  3. Hot @$$ Summers - Being from a state where it isn't uncommon for the temps to hit 106 in the summer with zero humidity, I thought I knew what a hot summer was. Boy have I learned the hard way! It got up to 103 here last summer with 60%+ humidity. DAILY. It is gorgeous here, beautiful and lush green, but it gets so stinking hot you can't set foot outside to enjoy it without looking like you just got out of the shower within 5 minutes of setting foot outside.

So that's it. Its not bad that there are only a few things I don't like here. It stacks up well against all of the reasons I didn't like my last home state. I have to say though, I didn't expect things to be more expensive here for me. The cost of living isn't more, but the fact that I have to keep a constant stock of allergy meds and meds for the dogs sure makes me a little sad. If those are the only things I don't like, I guess I will live out my life here, as planned.

God bless Texas!


mckala7 said...

Don't forget the best thing about Texas... the UT TEXAS LONGHORNS!!

Heather said...

Now if you just replace Texas with Perth thenn this could totally be a post written by me lol.

I miss NZ but Perth is home now. It's my future and I'm comfortable here.

Flynn's heartworm stuff comes in his monthly flea meds though there is the option of a once yearly injection here too.

Jaymee said...

ahhhh, all the reasons i will never move back to my home state, 18 years of texas were enough for me. i try to limit my visits to the winter, because the summers are just brutal.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Allergies and ticks are not fun...as you can imagine there are a lot of plants etc in Australia which cause allergies and ticks are something you have to be wary of pretty often too. But still, you sound like you're pretty accepting of Texas and happy there! Which is great cos home is where the heart is :)

Life Happens said...

I've never been to TX and even suggested to my hubby we should move there bc cost of living is so much cheaper than it is here in No. VA. He won't go bc it's sooo hot in TX. I'd still would like to visit there some time.

Love th letter you wrote to your friend Noelle. Heartwarming.

Potters said...

I am so glad you moved down there. Even if that means that you are further away from me. I am sorry you get allergies so bad there.