Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Farty Dog

Yes, the title of this blog post is correct. It is all about The Farty Dog. Not to be confused with The Sa.lty Do.g or Sal.t Dog. Although this dog is often called The Bleu Dog (yes, I spelled that correctly) because she looks similar to this famous fella.

But no, I am here to talk about a serious problem with my pooch. You see, she is a very, very flatulent little girl. I have never in my life had a dog that passed gas as much as my little Maxy. Hearing or smelling one of her bum treats is a daily occurrence. It used to make me laugh so hard I could barely breathe. Mostly because I had never heard or smelled a dog fart before her. But this little baby puts even the proudest man to shame.

You name the type, she does it: SBD (silent but deadly [she does this one REALLY, REALLY well {it makes you beg God for mercy}]), LAD (loud and deadly), LBND (loud, but not deadly), squeakies, Riffle (sounds similar to rifle fire "put, put, put, put, put"), Toot and Step (exactly what it sounds like, she toots every time a paw hits the floor), Sing You to Sleep (lets one long, squeaky one as she walks along), Puff (the kind where you just hear the little puff of air and wonder if you need to dawn the gas mask), and any others you can think of.

Her all time favorite is to precede you up the stairs and let a puffer in your face. She is always so proud of herself. She even turns around to see if you appreciated the gift. She toots when I'm on the phone, and guess who it sounds like ripped it? The dog never gets blamed, I can tell you that. Although I do try to blame a few of mine on her from time to time.

Despite her gaseous problems, I love my little Crazy Dog. She is such a joy in our house. She is so full of life and spunk. There is rarely a dull moment with her. Plus she is an AWESOME snuggler. So while she may stink on occasion or let one in my face, I think I'll keep her.


Heather said...

Mostly we get deadly puffers lol. His preferred time is in the bedroom at night, or in my study when I am ignoring him!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hey Saige

Sounds like a gas! LOL. Seriously though, I've said it before and will say it again, I am majorly jealous you even HAVE a dog. You lucky thing :)

Jill said...

I have two farty dogs! Especially when they settle in and relax for the night, of course right on or near us! The funny thing is if it is loud they look at their bums like what the heck was that?! :)

Saige said...

Jill, my dogs do that too! I cracks me up. The best is if I make those noises with my mouth, it drives my other dog nuts. She keeps thinking she's the one ripping them.

Dogs are great for a laugh.

Potters said...

I love how you just summed up all types of farts to a t.

mckala7 said...

Sounds like Darrell when he eats eggs. I almost need a gas mask to go to bed.

Suzanne said...

Sorry about the stink, but I know what you mean her being a joy in your house and an awesome snuggler. Our dog, Midnight, is a great snuggler and brings great joy into our lives! You just can't beat dogs for loyalty, they are the most loyal animals around.