Monday, January 18, 2010

Okay, I Lied

While I didn't say anything about New Years resolutions on this blog, I have always said I am not a fan. I never make any because I always believe that if you resolve to do something, you should start immediately. Not doing so only increases the likelihood that you never will start it, or that it won't last long when you do.

In a very round-about way and not even by any conscious effort on my part, I ended up starting TWO New Years resolutions. I figured since I was coming clean about inner secrets (TV shows), I might as well come clean about this too.

My first resolution was to get out of debt. One of the bad side effects of my anti-depressants is that it completely shut off my warning sensor about how much money I was spending. As a result, I have racked up more credit card debt than I have ever had in my life, including when I was paying for my wedding! But that little niggling, nagging about not spending money hit the road within weeks of my pills really doing their job. I had been trying, albeit a little more than half-assed, to get the debt down, but then Christmas hit and all resolve went out the window for the month.

A couple of weeks ago, I broke down and told Hubs how much I owed. He was NOT happy. Frankly, neither was I. But that little voice in my head that usually made me sick to my stomach about numbers was still very absent. So I resolved to call my credit card company and tell them my card had been lost. How does that help me? Well, I had my credit card number memorized. So while it wasn't in my wallet for spending physically, the numbers were always in my head for those spur of the moment online or over-the-phone purchases. THOSE were what was really killing me. Stupid Ama.zon!

Yesterday I made my bi-weekly payment and paid as much as I could spare, leaving only the bare minimum in my checking to scrape by until next payday when the process would be repeated. It was at this time I called the credit card company and reported my card missing. The account has been closed, and a new card is on its way. The old card met with the shredder shortly after.

While it will be rather a pain in the ass to call all of the accounts I have that auto-bill to that card, I figure it is punishment for getting myself into this predicament in the first place. But at the same time, it saves me the trouble of calling the places I no longer want to auto bill me to tell them to cancel their services. Now they will bill, get rejected, and that will be that. One of these places is Fert.ibella.

I ordered a free sample of Ferti.bella's product that was offered with my set of free pregnancy tests and OPKs from the Sacre.d Mis.sion at the end of last year. They promised it helped boost fertility by 4X. I figured, what could it hurt to try it? A 30 day sample for free sounded pretty awesome. With that first box came a leaflet saying if I kept receiving their product every month I would be rewarded with free baby boots (umm, okay, they are UGGly, no thanks), and then with the complete set of Baby Ei.nstein DVDs the next month. With free gifts like that, I kind of wondered how much the medication really cost, since the price tag is not listed ANYWHERE. Not on their website, not on the mailing, nothing.

I did google the product though, and what I found sounded good. Apparently it is either from the same company that makes Chl.omid or they use the same basic chemicals, so it increases ovulation and helps reduce anovulatory cycles. One other thing I found was that it does this without all of the nasty side effects of chl.omid. I figure I'll try the free sample, and if I like it, I'll order more, but at least they can't autobill me right now, especially when I don't know how much the stuff costs!

By God, I WILL be out of debt THIS YEAR!

Stay tuned for resolution #2!


Heather said...

Do you do finances seperately? Could hubby put a little extra onto the credit card with his pay? That would make a huge difference to the interest and repayment time frame! Your debt is his debt too after all. I have my credit card memorised as well lol.

Potters said...

Getting out of debt is a great idea. It will be a very long and hard process. But I know you will do it because you are so good at gollowing through with goals.

Saige said...

Heather, we do keep our money separate because I am a spender and he is a saver. So to keep contention over money out of our marriage, we keep our finances separate. That being said, I'm the one who charged up the credit card, so I cannot in good consciense ask him to help pay for it. I got myself into trouble, now I need to get myself out. *sigh*

Saige said...


I didn't finish watching the full episode of the Bach.elor last night, but can I just say I hope he sends Vie.nna packing? I can't stand her! Or Michelle. I can't believe Michelle made it as far as she did. I thought she would be eliminated right off. Does that chick even know how to smile? Seriously!

As for Vienna, she is totally NOT cute. At all. And when he kissed her in last night's episode, it made me want to hurl. I saw the commercials where Ali was beating her down and it made me laugh. It makes me laugh that NONE of the girls like her. I hope she gets kicked off next show.

Put a little smirk on your sweet face and tell me your thoughts!

*big hugs*!

Parenthood For Me said...

I have the same goal. Dammit!

Noelle said...

Did you finish watching it? If not, then don't read my post...

I can't stand Vie.nna either! She is so gross. And fake. When all of the girls hate her that is not a good sign. I don't remember which one Michelle is. The one he kicked off was such a tease! She made it sound like she got kicked off because she wouldn't kiss him, but that's not the truth! She got kicked off because she is a tease!

I really like the hairdresser mom whom he went on a date with. She is cute and down to earth. I also like Ali. I haven't picked my number 1 yet.

I can't stand the model with the brown hair who thinks she is just the cutest thing in the world. She has that little half smile. It drives me nuts. I'll find her name next week.

Thanks for making me smile and getting my mind off of things!