Friday, January 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I feel like I'm having a He.witt moment here because it is time for me to come clean about my love affair... with a couple of different TV shows. I would like to tell you all about two shows I secretly watch, but won't openly admit to.

The first is The Secre.t Li.fe of the Ame.rican Te.enager. I got sucked into this show with its horrible, horrible acting when it first aired last year. Admittedly, the acting, and especially the lead character, Amy, have turned me off of the show many times. But the stupid thing is like a train wreck, and I can't stop watching. I hoped the acting would get better after the first season, but it didn't. I further hoped the Amy character would stop being such a horrid, selfish b***** once she gave birth, but she didn't. She actually got worse. I really dislike that character... a lot. Yet I keep DVRing it and watching it week after week, loathing the season finale, and applauding the season premiere. What is wrong with me? My anti-deps must no be strong enough.

My second guilty pleasure TV show is The Ba.chelor/Bach.ehlorette. This season's bachelor is from my area. We shop at the same Tar.get, eat at the same restaurants, improve our homes at the same Lo.wes. I asked a coworker of mine who lives in the Bach.elor's neighborhood if he knows him personally. He doesn't, but he does know which church he goes to.

As this seasons bachelor is from my area, I feel especially inclined to not only watch the show, but to have a #1 pick for the girl I would like for him to bring home to shop at my Tar.get with me. If you've been watching the show, you know who Ali is. Oh yes friends, she is my FAV. I just know we could be friends, shopping buddies, the works. She is a doll, and apparently Jake thinks so too.

She's The One Jake! Bring her back to Texas!

I was slightly shocked at her language regarding The Cheater (Roz) in the last episode, but that furthers my resolve that she is The One and that we could be friends simply because she showed in that moment she is serious about being with Jake. Not winning, like Rozl.yn was all worried about, but being with Jake. Yeah, I pretty much hated Rozzie from the get-go. She was there for all the wrong reasons - winning. I actually guessed she was the one who messed around before this week's episode aired. She just gave off that vibe.

So, do any of you have guilty pleasure TV shows you're not proud to admit you watch? Do tell!


Potters said...

I watched iron chef the other day and actually liked it

Mrs Bee said...

Bold and the Beautiful.
It's appalling...
but I love it.

I also love The Hills and The City.
I'm cool.


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Australian version of
'the Biggest Loser'
it's fantastic!

Noelle said...

I have been wanting to comment on this post, but haven't been in the mood for anything fun. Now, I'm still not in the mood for fun stuff but I am going to make myself try to smile while I am writing this!

I LOVE THE BACH.ELOR! I am so glad that you and I will be able to discuss it! I had a mad crush on Jake last time. I never liked the girl though, so I was kind of glad when she let him go. She didn't deserve him. I even voted online for Jake to return as the bach.elor. I love Ali as well. I don't have a number one girl though, but I will try to get one by next show so that we can talk about it and I can route for her. I can't believe Roz! And I heard she has been in trouble with the law.

One of the other things I do with Bachelor (and you will think this is crazy) is I go to the Fans. of Real.ity TV forums and read up on the bach.elor. There, people will analyze every move that they make, including the screenshots of future shows. Because of this, I have become quite a detective. I think that Ali is there for a while because I believe that Jake was kissing her in a future private date. Go to that website and tell me what you think!

My other guilty pleasure...Jerr.y Srin.ger from time to time. I also LOVE Bret Mich.aels, so I did watch Rock of

Okay, you go the corners of my mouth to go up a little bit.