Monday, March 8, 2010

A Bit of Fun

After all of the seriousness on my blogs lately, I decided it is time to do something a little fun by telling you about some of the funniest days of my past. This was before I met DH and hung out with my best friend, Nate.

As I have said before, Nate and I hung out every single Friday and on the occasional Saturday when he didn't have to work. We always had so much fun together. Even when life just plain sucked, we had each other to cheer us up. One spring we decided to take a trek downtown for a bit of fun with some black and white film. We were kind of goofy, but we always had a blast. So now I give you, Fun in Black and White!

First up we have a picture of a very humiliated, dilapidated bike.

This bike had been chained to the pole just like this for over two years. I don't know if it is still there, but every time Nate and I saw it we would laugh and make jokes. In the winter when the snow fell, this bike frame could be seen sticking up just above the inches of accumulation. Even the thought of this poor thing still makes me laugh. But seriously, could we have taken a more artistic picture? (Doesn't being in black and white automatically make it artistic?)

Next up we have what I liked to call, "The Kli.en Pose." This is a pose in which I try to be serious with a slight smile on my face. What I was looking at, we'll never know.

I mean, look at that gorgeous subject matter. It was such a beautiful spring day, and apparently no jacket was necessary. I sure did love those Do.c Mar.tins too. Those were the best shoes.

Now we have Nate, taking time to stop and smell the blossoms.

What a fantastic picture. How often do you see guy of Nate's caliber stopping to smell the new spring blossoms of a fruitless tree? The answer to that is not very. If I remember correctly, those blossoms either didn't smell, or they stunk. I'm going with the latter just for comedic purposes.

And Finally, I present you with trying to look gorgeous in 80% humidity and a misting rain at Mt. Ver.non in Virginia.

I think my dad took this picture, as Nate was clear on the other side of the country while I was out visiting my sister. In fact, this picture was taken just weeks after I met and hooked up with my DH. Guess who I was thinking about when this one was taken?

I hope you have enjoyed this happy ride down memory lane and that it evoked even a small smile (even if that smile was only in your head).

My next post will most likely be back to everything serious. Until then, enjoy looking at the bike.

As Nate and I always used to say, "We're so cool. I wish we were us."


Life Happens said...

It's nice to stroll down memory lane. I love your Kl.ein pose!LOL....

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! They made me smile and laugh.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Cute pictures! I used to have a male best friend too-funnily enough was same as you, just before I hooked up with DH. I love the Calvin Klein one and Nate smelling the flowers-priceless!
take care :)