Sunday, March 14, 2010


I was all set to book airfare right after I got home from work on Friday for our trip to the May.o Clinic in three weeks. I was totally excited and couldn't wait. Then DH reminded me it is our neighbor's wedding the day after.

Blast it all!

I told him surely our neighbor would understand.

DH told me I should reschedule our appointment for the following week. That I have waited this long and it wouldn't hurt me to wait another week.

*insert lots of grumbling and swearing under my breath*

As if this whole thing hasn't already been delayed long enough. But what do you do? The guy is a good friend of ours, and it was an honor that he invited us, so we can't bail now.

Not only that, but DH pointed out tonight that he doesn't want to fly all the way to the clinic just to have a 15 minute consult. He wants to make sure they are going to do tests, take notes, etc. And if they are going to do tests, I need to make sure we are there long enough to get them done.

Good point babe.

So I'm going to call back tomorrow and ask for the doctor to call me back so I can speak with her personally to determine what are initial consult will be fore and what, if anything, we need to do. Hopefully we can get in the following week.



Potters said...

I hope you hear back soon on what to expect during this first visit. I hope they can help you to get to where you want to get with this.

Noelle said...

Awwww....I would be frustrated too. Darn wedding. I guess your hubby is right though, and it would be good for you to find out exactly what the consult will entail. Can you tell them that you are flying in from out of town? Maybe they will give you more attention that way.

I am sorry. I have no patience and this kind of thing would bother me. I hope that you were able to get in the next week.