Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slow Progress

First of all I want to say I am really behind on blogs again. I have so much going on and not enough hours in the day to do it all. My work has been suffering, and it did not escape the notice of my PM, so now I will be scrambling to get back on his good side the next few weeks.

I issued the call for specialists on my primary blog and a few of my readers referred me to the Ma.yo Clinic's infertility department. I made a call on Friday and spent a lot of time on hold as they tracked down the doctor who would best be able to handle my case and gave him the skinny. Long story short, he wants to see my records to determine if he can help us before he tells us to fly out there. That in and of itself tells me if he can, I am in good hands. He isn't just a money grubbing doctor who will tell me he can cast a spell on my uterus and make it whole.

Sadly, I know getting my records from my current doctor's office could take a week or more. I am hoping if I let them know the situation I can get them to expedite it, as my fertile life is on hold until Dr. G can review them.

The one good thing is that I do still have an appointment with a specialist here on the 23rd, but unless he tells me something he didn't already tell me through my OB, he can't help us. He thinks he can, but he can't. We're not okay with him just slicing, dicing, and sewing things back together. We want him to not only minimize the scar tissue left behind, but to put in some kind of barrier that will prevent eggs from implanting into it again. Maybe he can do that. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, that's all I have for tonight. I'm exhausted from spending the day at an Irish festival and I have blogger's block. Hopefully I will catch up on blogs soon and have something more interesting to write about.


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

You are doing the absolute best you can. Don't worry if you're not commenting, we will always be friends and I know you will come back when things slow down. The doc from the Mayo clinic sounds very promising. I'm sorry I didn't have my own recommendation. What a pain about getting the records from your current doctor's office. The one on the 23rd is a new specialist, I think?? So like this is Doctor 2nd opinion?? Good luck with the search-you are in my thoughts. I will be reading both blogs so I will catch up with your story one way or another !!

Noelle said...

I think this new doctor sounds promising. I am thinking about you.

Saige said...

R, yes, the Ma.yo clinic doctor will be our second opinion. The appt on the 23rd is with an RE that we were recommended by my OB, who diagnosed all of this mess. Depending on what both of the new doctors say, we might be in line for a 3rd opinion. We're just hoping at least 2nd opinion dr can help us out.