Friday, February 26, 2010

We're Back On Track!

I had my HSG this morning, and I am sure my doctor thinks I am a freak because I feel like the news she delivered to me was good. First of all, the HSG was not bad at all. I thought it was going to be worse. I didn't have any cramping and only very minor discomfort. Hurrah!

I was on needles and pins the whole time, watching the screen like a hawk, trying to determine if things were good or bad. Basically I have a section in my uterine wall that is 1/4 the thickness of the rest of the uterus. The space in the wall where this occurs isn't very big, but big enough to attempt a pregnancy without surgery is extremely risky and not advised.

Basically what we were told today is that if we want to get pregnant, we have to do surgery. Sweet. We're all for it. I've already made an appointment with the specialist for our initial consult. Unfortunately it isn't until the 23rd of next month, so more waiting. Isnt't that we infertiles are famous for anyway?

After the surgery I am still at a 40% risk of a rupture during pregnancy. We have been told what we are up against and how all of it would be handled should any of it occur. We're pretty much planning on me spending weeks, if not months, toward the end of the pregnancy in the hospital should I get knocked up. My doctor wishes we would choose not to move forward, but I excitedly (hence her thinking I'm crazy) told her we are going to do so anyway.

So right now things don't look any worse than they did a year ago, we've just had to add some time to our TTC #2 timeline, which I can absolutely deal with when my only other option is no more children. We're moving this wagon forward!

Also, if you haven't heard of Conc.ieve magazine, I seriously recommend looking into it. We were reading through it while we were waiting to be taken back for the HSG and it had some really great information as far as infertility TTC options, doctors, and clinics are concerned. It is geared toward us infertiles. I stole a copy to give to one of my friends and to get some info out of the back for another. I am going to get a subscription for sure, and probably send one to another friend.


Life Happens said...

Yay! What great news to start the weekend. I'm glad that not all hope is lost. Sometimes dr.'s advise against things, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. That's where you have to put your trust in God and leave it all in His hands.

I am happy for you!

Suzanne said...

I have to admit that I do understand where your doctor is coming from; I'm concerned that something might happen to you and that we might lose you. That said, I wish you best of luck and you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as always.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for surgery, boo for the wait but you are so right about being use to it by now!!! I am so happy that you still have options and I'm praying this surgery will be the fix, so exciting!

Concieve Magazine is FANTASTIC! I do a lot of work with them and their founder through my job, they have some amazing resources and a really great website if you haven't checked that out yet. They have some blogs on there too and tons of helpful information.

Fran said...

That's great that you have a plan!!! It's so important knowing what's coming next, it's calming for the mind! One step at the time and we'll get to the moon! Love, Fran

PFM said...

I am glad you heard news to allow you to keep going on your journey.

mckala7 said...

You go girl! Go with your bad self!! I'm so proud of you with your, "take life by the horns" attitude. Awesome job!! Love you!

Jaymee said...

glad that you got some positive news! the 23rd will be here before you know it.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Nominated you for a blog award sweetie! You know where to find me :)